Guest Speaker and Naturalist

If you want someone for your next event who can entertain, educate and be humorous, give me a call and discuss your needs with me. Often I can incorporate a slide show or video into the presentation. I’m well informed on the following topics:

Natural History, especially Aquatic subjects
Amphibiography – photography, videography
Nature Awareness
Environmental Activism 

My public speaking/educational experience and skills include:

* 35 years experience speaking to groups of all ages, from a few people to large rallies of 5,000 people.

* well developed media skills and experience with newspaper, radio, and TV interviews and media releases in my 21 years in the environmental movement. Local, provincial, national and international media.

* development and teaching of environmental education presentations and workshops for school classes, faith communities, community centres, seniors homes, and gov’t employees.

* conducting nature interpretation experiences in forests, along rivers and seashores, and underwater, with the Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver Community Centres, Stanley Park Ecology Society, summer camps, kayaking tours,  canoe trips, ship-based ecotours.

Sample Selection of Venues

Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Pacific Region, Community Advisor’s Retreat

World Summit on Salmon  slide/sound presentation

Clayoquot Writer’s Reading – Introduced by Pierre Berton

Last Straw Festival, North Delta Community Festival

Churches, Faith Communities, Retirement Homes,

Westminster Diocese Anglican Youth Retreat, Main Workshop Leader

BC Student Film Festival
-video workshops, “Just Add Water” and “Second nature”

Ecotour Ship Naturalist

Vancouver Aquarium Docent (Volunteer Teacher)