Who is that Masked Man?

Terry L. Brown is known as “The Amphibiographer”,  revealing life on both sides of the boundary between water and air. He specialises in photos and video which show both the underwater and above water worlds at the same time.

The Amphibiographer, Terry L. BrownSince minnows nibbled his toes as a toddler Terry has been an avid naturalist. He has a  passion for sharing the wonder of life on Earth with others through photos, video, writing, field trips and speaking engagements. When he was eight years old he took his first photos with an old black box camera and has been developing his artisic eye ever since.

He loves to create lyrical photos and evoke luminous images through his writing and speaking. On or under the water is his favourite place to be, whether paddling, snorkeling or diving. His friends call him a “Fish Kisser’, but really he just loves to tickle fish on their bellies and photograph them in their underwater universe. Exercising his propensity to play and be humorous keeps him, and sometimes others, smiling.

Terry and his partner Jude Abrams, a musician and sound recordist, live near Powell River, on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Together they explore British Columbia, Canada and tropical locales. Through their combined skills they create presentations and workshops involving music, poetry, songs, stories  and audio-visuals. They now operate a video production company called Otter Be Good Productions through which they create their own videos and offer a freelance videography (amphibiography) and sound recording service.

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