Who is that Masked Man?

Terry has been an avid naturalist since minnows nibbled his toes as a toddler. His passion for the wonder of life on Earth has led to experiences in environmental education and activism, guiding, photography,videography and public speaking. Curiosity has led him to travel and explore across Canada, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico and the United States. Terry’s spiritual connection with Earth has been nourished with lots of time just “being”, experiencing his connectedness with the web of life.

The Amphibiographer, Terry L. BrownTerry started photographing with an old black box camera when he was eight years old. For forty years he has enjoyed the challenges of translating onto film his vision of Earth. He is a photographer, writer and videographer. He has published articles and photos in various periodicals including Adbusters, Shared Vision, Adventurous, WHERE Vancouver, Journeys West, and Pacific Coastal inFlight. Terry has published essays in two books on Clayoquot Sound, and his photos have appeared in calendars for Canadian Geographic, VanCity Credit Union and West Coast Rivers.

Settling in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1986,  Terry began working in the environmental movement. His experience in leadership positions and committment to living in harmony with Earth led him to contribute his talents as media spokesperson for the Green Party, as a researcher and educator with Society Promoting Environmental Conservation, and work with the Sierra Club and other groups. Terry is a passionate advocate  and spokesperson for those beings who have no voice in  human society. Serving time in jail for peaceful civil disobedience in defense of Clayoquot Sound on Vancouver Island has only strengthened his resolve to stand up for protecting Earth from human greed. He has introduced thousands of people to the experience of wonder and reverence, speaking to groups of up to 5,000 people.

On or under the water is Terry’s favourite place to be, whether paddling, snorkeling or diving. His friends call him a “FishKisser” because he loves to tickle fish on their bellies and photograph them in their underwater universe. Following this stream of interest led him to found Fins in the Forest, a grassroots project promoting the protection of wild salmon.

Through Fins Terry worked with people from the Nuxalk Nation, organizing and leading expeditions to explore and document remote watersheds in BC’s central coast. With photographs, sound recordings and stories gathered on these explorations he conducted inspirational presentations for schools and community groups.

A huddle of people forms around Terry whenever he is by the water or in the forest, captivated by his stories about the critters. His spontaneous sharing of knowledge has found expression in stints as a sea kayaking instructor/guide, a shipboard ecotour naturalist, and in being a  volunteer teacher with the Vancouver Aquarium. Humour and playfulness add a sparkling dimension to whatever he does.

Terry was formally educated in Theology, with degrees fom Emmanuel Bible College in Kitchener, Ontario and Canadian Theological Seminary in Regina, Saskatchewan. He served for two years as a minister. Although not following any specific religious dogma now, spirituality is very important to him. For Terry spirituality is simply experiencing and celebrating our connection with all our relations.

Terry and his partner Jude Abrams, a musician and sound recordist, live near Powell River, on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Together they explore British Columbia, Canada, and tropical locales. Through their combined skills they create presentations and workshops involving music, poetry, songs, stories  and audio-visuals. They now operate a video production company called Otter Be Good Productions through which they create their own videos and offer a freelance videography (amphibiography) and sound recording service.