What in the world is an Amphibiographer?

Look! In the water. Is it a frog with a camera … a salamander with a snorkel? Who is that masked man?

It’s the Amphibiographer!

Able to leap into lakes in a single bound and rescue damselflies in distress. Able to slide under the mirror of the water’s surface to reveal the Other Side, the Inner Space Universe of your local pond, puddle or ocean.

Terry L. Brown, The AmphibiographerThe intrepid Amphibiographer photographs the air/land/water interfaces. He cleverly captures images of fish, plants, insects, amphibians, birds, mammals and more as they interplay between the worlds. He is an amphibious photographer, able to photograph underwater, above water, and both at the same time!

The Amphibiographer is a serious artist. Well, he produces professional results, even if he has a silly sense of humour! His images and writing are often lyrical, mystical and even spiritual.

“Amphibiography” derives from two greek words: “amph” meaning ‘on both sides of’ and “graph” meaning ‘to write or draw’. So Amphibiography includes writing, photography and video, revealing life on both sides of the boundary between water and air. This boundary is very permeable, although for most humans it acts like a mirror reflecting back what we see above the surface. An Amphibiograph shows both the underwater and above water worlds at the same time, inspiring exclamations of “Oh Wow, that’s what’s under there!”