Forget your daily grind for a moment and slip away with me into a dripping, moss covered forest. Slither into a wetsuit and immerse yourself in the jade green river, where a wonderworld emerges as your face mask slides through the looking glass of the river’s surface...

Photographs by Terry L. Brown

Whenever I slide my facemask through the mirror of the water’s surface I am always awestruck by the expansive universe unfolding before me, as alien as outer space, as wild as any place on land, and filled with creatures as bizarre and glorious as any science-fiction imaginings. This inner space universe is incredibly accessible, your local pond, creek or river harbours many fascinating marvels, not just the ocean. A mask, snorkel, fins, and wetsuit are all that is needed to immerse oneself in an exploration of wonder.

—   Terry L. Brown, The Amphibiographer